Heathcare spend is predicted to reach $5.4 trillion dollars in less than 8 years. As surgeons and clinicians we believe that patients are our most valuable resource for improving the delivery of care and reducing healthcare costs. We know that helping patients understand the unique variations in their health is a crucial step towards providing the personal empowerment that patients need when facing surgery. Studies repeatedly prove that patients who actively prepare for surgery by managing their health are better positioned for optiminal recovery and improved quality of life. At the heart of our research and development is our mission to elevate patients as partners in care. 

Prenovo delivers scientifically validated technology providers need to reduce costs by 25% and improve patient outcomes. Our web-based solution, Prenovo Prepare™, engages patients in preparation for surgery and recovery beyond the clinical setting with an 80% engagement rate. 

Prenovo was created from many years of successfully helping people improve their health before surgery. Today we continue the same mission. You or someone you care about may have an upcoming surgery and we want to offer you these same results using PrepareFree — available now. 




At Prenovo we are moving diagnosis and treatment protocols from static patient records to actionable choices within patient lives.  We deliver technology that enhances the patient-provider relationship with evidence-based teaching tools for shared decision-making. Our web-based platform supports patient self-management beyond the provider office or hospital. 

Prenovo is a healthcare company redefining patient care with personalized medicine, evidence-based guidelines, and patient engagement.



Prepare connects patients and care teams from consult through recovery and has been shown to improve outcomes and reduce costs by 25%.*  

Care teams use Prepare to assess risk and optimize patient health from consult through recovery. An early version of our technology was deployed in a 2014 University of Michigan Health System pilot study optimizing pre-surgical health. The study of 175 general surgery patients resulted in 80% engagement and 25% savings in reimbursement, cost, and length of stay. Today our platform delivers patients and providers even better coordinated care solutions. 

* View our 2012 Pilot Study Results here. * Read our Recent Wall Street Journal Article here.



Prepare integrates evidence-based algorithms to assess the patient and then engage the patient and provider to reduce risk, to lower cost, to shorten length of stay, and to enable patients to improve their health.

This solution was born from our deep interest in understanding how differences in muscle, bone, fat, and organs impact outcomes. We started by measuring very detailed body indicators from medical imaging and found compelling markers that provide insights into success after surgery, response to treatment, and disease progression.

Together, with Applied Morphomics, Inc., we are extending our commitment to making a difference with knowledge to design interventions, improve understanding, and make people’s lives better.

Risk Stratification.jpg

Identifies High-Risk and Modifiable Risk

Provides Venue for Shared-Decision Making

Integrates Health and Social Assessments



Prepare combines patient education and patient activation. Access to health data and care plans inform patients on their role in their health. Checklists, activity measurements, interactive reminders, and surveys empower patients with tools that enable them to be an active partner in their care journey. Engaged patients deliver insights beyond the hospital walls and enable providers to deliver truly personalized care.


Supports Patient and Family as They Prepare for Surgery and Recovery

Reaches all Patient Populations via Phone, Mobile Text, and Web

Measures Patient Impact on Their Care Journey Progress



Prepare coordinates clinical decision-making, personalized care plan activities, and patient engagement from consult through recovery.  Patients, families, and care teams collaborate to coordinate care that delivers the greatest impact on the continued health of the patient. 


Presents Dashboard View by Episode of Care, Displays Engagement Metrics and Prioritizes Intervention Alerts 

Reduces Communication Gaps by Providing Patient Health Data and Care Plan Status to the Care Team

Analyzes Value of Care with On-Demand Outcomes Reporting Shared Across Care Team Members